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Senior Advisor - John Greaves, Ph.D., University of Liverpool

In 2015, Mass Spec Lab welcomed Senior Advisor John Greaves, Ph.D., University of Liverpool to the Mass Spec Lab team.

Dr. Greaves has had an impressive mass spectrometry career serving as malaria, cancer (Mount Sinai Medical Center), and environmental (College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, and UCI, CA), educator, mentor, and scientific collaborator for over 35 years. He is an author of over 80 scientific papers, and numerous published abstracts.

Dr. Greaves has Co-authoried a New Book:    Mass Spectrometry for the Novice

Mass Spec for the Novice John GreavesMass spectrometry has many uses, both qualitative and quantitative, from analyzing simple gases to environmental contaminants, pharmaceuticals, and complex biopolymers.

Mass Spectrometry for the Novice provides detailed, straightforward descriptions and clear illustrations of principles of operations and techniques. The authors also condense the essentials of the topic into one invaluable chapter that provides a set of concise take-home messages on all aspects of mass spectrometry.

Using simple language, new color figures, clever cartoons, and assuming no prior knowledge, this book provides a readily understandable entrée to mass spectrometry.

Co-Authors:  John Greaves & John Roboz

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